Thursday, October 21, 2004

through the looking glass

Patti has significant mental confusion and cognitive problems as a result of MS. Current, community, or family activities can get confusing for her. --  I can’t help but wonder how it looks to her when the immediate world around her really has actually fallen down the rabbit hole.


Take these examples of confused reality


Our daughter’s high school band is “invited” to play at upcoming 40th visit to Pennsylvania by President Bush. Once in a life time opportunity for 16 – 18 year old musicians to perform for the President of the United States and in front of 20,000+ at Hershey Stadium. School and community pride and excitement is off the charts. --  Then (you know who’s lawyer’s suddenly muddle the waters) and school superintendent is pressured into they cannot perform because tax dollars may have been involved in uniforms and transportation. ….. What a cheap shot, hurting only some excited kids. Even Kerry supporting parents outraged. …. Community rises to the challenge paying for buses with private money and buying new uniforms.    Kids will play  … Right back to where it all started.


NEWSHEADLINE: John Kerry will go goose-hunting to give voters ''a better sense of John Kerry, the guy.”     What “sense of the guy!” can you derive from someone who hunts a goose wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun.? … I suspect everyone has encountered a goose. Around here along greenways you often have to kick them to get them out of your way.


NEWSHEADLINE: President Bush returns to his favorite campaign destination, Pennsylvania, today to talk about health care.  … Hello!! is the chocolate capitol of the world, Hershey Park, the right place to talk about health care?


And speaking of health care, after 29 days of research and investigation regarding the ‘retroactive cancellation’ of Patti’s longterm disability benefit health insurance her employee benefits office called this morning to say they have concluded that they did not request her health insurance carrier to either cancel or retroactively cancel her health insurance benefits. … Does this mean a resolution? No! Her insurance carrier still maintains her benefits office did instruct them. Her benefits office at least now claims they did not. It’s like two small children pointing fingers while her health insurance remains retroactively cancelled.


Patti at least has a medical reason for confusion. What is ours?


          `You may call it "nonsense" if you like,' the Red

           Queen said, ` but I've heard nonsense, compared with  

           which that  would be as sensible as a dictionary!'

                              Through the Looking Glass     by Lewis Carroll

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