Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry: Whose Health Plan Is Better?

Unquestionably our health system including health care costs, health insurance, and prescription costs is broken. That’s certainly not new news to anyone. The question is how to fix it?


I did find the following article interesting and believe it is a reasonably balanced review of each Presidential candidates’ postion on the topic of a ‘Health Plan’. (click on blue highlighted text for full story)


               Bush vs. Kerry: Whose Health Plan Is Better?


   Bush, Kerry Have Radically Different Approaches to Health Coverage


Sept. 23, 2004 -- President Bush and Sen. John Kerry have both cranked up the rhetoric in an effort to sell their health care plans to American voters, both promising to ease rising costs and reduce the number of families without insurance. 

At the bottom of the complex plans and flowery -- and sometimes exaggerated -- campaign speeches lie some basics that reflect a wide gulf between the candidates' vision of how to begin to fix the nation's ailing health system

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  1. Thanks for the link, it's good info to know.  Whatever needs to be done to fix our system will be costly and I don't know how much the public is willing to spend.


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