Monday, October 18, 2004

snuggly bundled

Finding Patti last night snuggly bundled in a robe with a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk next to her while sitting in front of the TV before bed I couldn’t help wondering if Norman Rockwell ever did a picture of such an American image. Patti was in total harmony with this scene.


MS, wheelchair, and nursing home were all somewhat faded in the picture. It was comfy!


Patti was particularly happy that she was getting ready to go to bed early <grin>. It was a around 6:30 PM. There are days fatigue is better or worse for her.


Staff changed and dressed her for bed right after they brought her back from dinner. -- The real trick had been manipulating them into her bedtime snack early which she was enjoying in front of TV when we arrived. <grin>


We chatted and watched TV together while she finished her bed time snack then left her to the Sandman. Megan and I on the other hand headed out to visit the boogeyman at the Haunted Harvest in Halloween at Hershey. Where else but Hershey Park could you get Pumpkin / Chocolate Coffee? It was sooooo good!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect night.  So glad you and Patti had a wonderful evening.  Those are the memories we never want to lose.


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