Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Voting with Patti is always entertaining. MS symptoms from visual impairment to memory to disinhibition,  IMHO revolutionizes voting at a polling place.

NO she will not use ‘accessible’ mail-in ballots. She wants to vote.

Today was primary elections for local government. 

Our family if anything is NEVER lockstep. With one Republican, one Democrat, and one Independent – the Independent voter was not eligible to vote in the primary and that would be Patti.

My brain fahrt! However a poll worker sat and talked with Patti (they likewise have enjoyed her from previous elections) while I voted.

Can you believe they even now have a talking voting machine for visually impaired?

Of course, always enjoying the way Patti argues with talking crosswalk poles and grocery store self-check machines … I could only imagine what today could have been.

Regardless we enjoyed finger food in the backyard on a sunny afternoon while a gentle breeze scented the air with lilac.

Watered flowers are frowned at in Patti’s care facility as frankly they demand to much attention for staff … so I cut Patti a bunch of lilac and sent it back in a basket kind of like fresh lilac potpourri.

Megan did actually let me drive Patti literally around the corner to the polling station before taking over and driving her back – in Patti’s words, “I just want to go to sleep”. 

Living with severe MS as a family can sometimes teter between frustration and somewhat incomparable time together. 

Patrick Leer
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