Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paperwork of Living With Multiple Sclerosis-The Proverbial Weakest Link

In our US healthcare system, medical insurance makes or breaks way too much. As the health care reform at least rolls out the affordable care act is an enigma to most and to anyone impaired or ill there are potential catastrophic choices looming in options.

When we the people in the mid 1980’s through everything from federal legislation to divestment of stocks by colleges, towns, organizations and more of businesses supporting South Africa we the people were credited as pressuring the South African Government to embark on negotiations ultimately leading to the dismantling of the apartheid system .. no drones, no troops intervening. We the people simply did the right thing.

Now days it is not any particular  insurance company, nor any worker, nor any death squads – misery and death by insurance cancellation is all about your neighbors, friends, family and even the face in the mirror. 

IRA portfolios that include health insurance stocks are all about ‘your demand’ for profit. Profit from health insurance does not require me to explain the math.

Living with a chronic disease like MS is a hugemongous expensive. Too often like trying to dance through a mind field. Hope drives, neuros encourage, Big Pharm promises but with the dawn of MS cognitive impairment and you start to miss dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s you open the door to the profiteers.

Bean counters are not the bad guys, nor is the representative on the phone they are just doing their job. It’s you who demand the profit. Take a look in your IRA, your neighbors’s IRA, or your family and friends. Find health care companies or medical insurance company stock and you will find the enemy.

Of course this is 2013 and it’s all about money not what’s right. Yet divestment in portfolios including health insurance, health care, Big Phama, etc could have the same powerful impact on change to what is right! Profit exploits, profit has no conscience, profit, not people, cancels insurance. Look in the mirror.

As always I am thankful to for inviting me to share the longer versions of our story and while our story is specific to MS, sooo many families face similar nightmares caring for special needs children, aging adults and more. 

Patrick Leer
Health Activist:
Caregivingly Yours, MS Caregiver @

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