Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day with Multiple Sclerosis 1994

Hallmark Holidays are a pain in the ass. Now there is an idea for a sentiment for a card. However my job as MS spouse caregiver is simply to make it happen for those who cannot.

I even confess to a chip on my shoulder at times since 1989 I have been basically raising Megan as a single parent and I have played roles of both Mother and Father to Megan. PLUS I would have to serve as Patti’s surrogate in acquiring cards, gifts etc for her Mom.

My own Mom died in 1997 from complications following a massive stroke a decade earlier.

In the early 1990’s Patti was taking immune system suppressant meds for MS. Needless to say any and every germ our daughter brought home from Pre-School, Kindergarten and Elementary school latched onto Patti’s suppressed immune system. We experimented with a healthier routine of Patti alternating months staying in Pennsylvania with her parents and in Maryland with us.

The week before Mother’s Day 1994, Megan asked me if she could make video card for Mom on a video drawing thingamajig she enjoyed playing with explaining that if I videotaped her making the card we could mail it to Mom who could watch it on a big screen TV at her parents.

As she had only turned 6 two weeks earlier I stared in disbelief before realizing the idea could work …

Without further background please join us for 90 seconds from the week before Mother’s Day 1994.

Drawn, narrated, and directed entirely by Megan it was difficult to video tape the original 10 minute version through eyes tearing up with pride and love.

For the record Megan never walked across the street hand in hand with her Mom. In retrospect when you grow up with a parent disabled with MS, I guess kids do more pretending then we realize.

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  1. Wow. Wow. I'm speechless. Thank you for sharing this, all of it.

  2. Darn! Won't play on my phone. But I can imagine. ...

  3. Darn! Won't play on my phone. But I can imagine. ...

    1. Hey Red (aka Crystal Kent) as my oldest cyber friend you knew I would find a way to send some format that would play for YOU. ... always wished we somehow had a copy of video of Bruce self propelling himself while pushing Patti through the restaurant and both with their daughter's in their laps. That was epic MS!


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