Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wheels Of Freedom And Independence

Fielding a question over on MultipleSclerosis.net, “How do you make the move to a mobility aid like a scooter or wheelchair? I still haven’t gotten used to the stares when I use my cane, you know, I look so good….”, I found myself reminiscing over that transition era when personal vehicles whether her Rascal Scooter or wheelchairs were about Patti’s independence and freedom in a dependent world. 

Posted by Patrick Leer—May 7th, 2013

Living with MS or any chronic illness or disease “as a family” takes wanting to share and adaptability. Amplified by metastasis of my lung cancer and falling risk - it seemed all the more important to hug a memory.

Thanks again to MultipleSclerosis.net for inviting me to share longer versions of our story and sure wishing something like this existed in the late 1980’s.

Patrick Leer
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  1. Good post with gorgeous video you have done here.I just wanted to share this to my friends.Thanks.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and PLEASE share - caregiving is a history of trial and error learned lessons, rarely found in a brochure.


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