Monday, May 06, 2013

Time warp Monday with Multiple Sclerosis

Frankly I was feeling a touch guilty as I drove to pick Patti up for an outing today. Yeah I was more than a little busy last week, How do you measure a week, livingwith lung cancer?, but two outings a week just seemed too few.

Trying to apologize she tells me her memory sucks and she did not notice. I can hear our daughter smiling “I told you so”

Sooooo I drive around stopping to get her some of her favorite finger foods, she laughs heartedly at the audio book we are listening to, and bring her home where she can enjoy her ciggies on our back patio and position her bowl/plate on her lap.

After about a handful of bites she wants me to take the plate because she’s tired and just wants to go to bed. .. sigh! 

MS caregiving can be confounding no matter how long you have been doing it. Weather was too cool for Uthoff’s Phenomena to be in play. I stall her for a couple more minutes as she devours a Popsicle and then we are off.

Later Monday evening I read on Facebook “Patrick shares the most challenging MS symptoms from a caregiver's perspective:

As always I am thankful to for inviting me to share the longer versions of our story 
Posted by Patrick Leer—May 6th, 2013

in this case reading the time warp entry reminds me of what I am grateful for. The care facility era of living with MS as a family is less physically demanding on the spouse caregiver. Less stressful and more assistance for Patti. … and most of all as Patti once raised herself “what if” something happened to me she never ever wanted our daughter to give up her life to be her caregiver.

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