Sunday, August 29, 2004

boogeyman of 24/7 care

Death & taxes used to be the proverbial ‘universal truths’ that everyone had to face.


A chronic disabling illness can alter lives as it did for us. An accident can change the future in the blink of an eye. Age takes its toll.  Modern medical science can keep us alive much longer than ever before.  For some this may even exceed the quality of life line. For many people this is certainly long past the line where they can care for themselves.


Caregiving is moving into that universal truth category.


Who is going to take care of ME? Can I depend on my spouse to stick around? Can I depend on my family?


Or … am I willing, or even physically able, to sacrifice ‘me’ to care for another?


Or if you want a chuckle, can I trust my insurance? Can I trust the government?


The childhood ‘monster under the bed’ had grown up, and become the boogeyman of 24/7 care.


MS forced us to deal with a reality we thought we would have decades to dodge. We knew homecare was failing. Patti needed more and a care facility was an unknown. We HAD to 'look under the bed' and separate fact from worry.

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