Sunday, August 22, 2004

On the Road Day: 6 San Diego

[Note: While traveling my daughter and I will experiment with using this journal to communicate TO Patti through her visitors. MS symptoms impair Patti’s ability to use a personal computer. It’s all part of the adaptations involved in ‘living with MS’ ]

Day 6 began with a successful quest for the elusive Hollywood sign.

Then what should have been a simple 2 hr drive to San Diego became a nearly 5 hour traffic jam from L.A. to San Diego. Only in California could the car pool lanes move slower than regular traffic lanes. Half way through we took a break at a vista point so at least Megan could get her first live view of the Pacific Ocean.

By the time we arrived we settled for a Mexican dinner outdoors in ‘Old Town San Diego’ at El Fandango with strolling Mariachi musicians and all the atmosphere of Mexico but without the risk of 'Montezuma’s revenge'. This eating outdoors in the Southern California weather could easily grow on you <grin>.

We still had time after dinner to be tourists in ‘Old Town San Diego’ for an hour or so before beginning our evenings "Ghosts and Graveyard" Tour of San Diego after dark.

Several years ago in Williamsburg, VA we inaugurated taking the ‘Ghost’ tours of whatever city we were visiting instead of the conventional day tours. You basically see and learn the same knowledge except with a different twist.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Mexico for a couple hours and spend the rest of the day in San Diego before heading north toward Las Vegas. The following day we fly back home.


(from Patti's Mom) Hi Patrick and Megan,

We drove up to the craft show expecting to take Patti shopping there BUT she surprised us and had already did her shopping....I do not know who pushed her around but she had purchased (I think) two Tshirts and a ring for herself. Hopefully you set up an account for her because we could not find out how she purchased anything. (grin) It was really a very nice craft show....many, many stands which had to be held indoors due to very, very rainy weather. Harold and I looked over all the stands with Patti and we purchased a few nice, homemade items. An old friend of mine that I did not see for 10 years or more was manning her stand of beautiful scarves, etc. We then went back to Patti's room and played two games of Trivial Pursuit and watched some of the Olympics with her before taking her over to her dining room. It was a very nice visit and I have not seen Patti so jovial...I think she misses shopping. Hope you two are still having a wonderful time.

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  1. I hadn't had the chance to pop over here for a visit in a few days and am so thrilled that you are on vacation!!

    Charley propsed to me on the beach in San the highest tide of the year under a full moon.  

    I so hope you both have a ball.  I think that our first real dinner date was at that SAME Mexican food restrurant in Old Town.  It was the one in the middle of the block not the one on the corner, is that the same one?

    Have a blast.  Chrisitna


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