Saturday, August 28, 2004

'drop in' any time of night and day

The JOURNAL era is changing the way I communicate. I know I am nudging many friends into using it to find out what is going on in our lives instead of simply trying to keep up with sending and responding to emails, phone calls, and such.


As a caregiver the job of ‘information officer’ is always one of many hats you wear. The journal age is time and energy saving. <grin> (for me at least)


“Living with MS” certainly can isolate you. Interestingly the journal era, in a sense, empowers you to ‘get out’. And enables friends and family to 'drop in' any time of night and day.

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  1. So glad you visited my journal, yes, without the journals and the aid of this computer my space would be very small.  I live about  30 miles from Palm Springs and plan to visit a casino today. On a good day I can be away for a couple of hours.  We haven't had a good day in quite a while and I am hoping today is one. lol.  There is a new casino (Vegas style) going up at Morango where I go.  It should open in November or December.  We have been planning to move this fall but who know what is in order for us.  Take care and God's speed. Chicken-foot    


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