Thursday, August 12, 2004

"We Will Rock You"

Megan and I are preparing for travel. Next week we are off to the South West. Beginning in Las Vegas for the premier of the musical based on the music of Queen at Les Theatres des Arts at Paris Las Vegas. Then renting a convertible through the dessert country to Los Angeles and San Diego before flying back home. (Air fare was a no cost item through some VISA travel points piled up over time.)


This kind of experience just hasn’t happened before BECAUSE of caregiving concerns and worries. First of the major ‘crack in the chrysalis’ experiences for us.


Including Patti was certainly considered. Near daily bowel movements in Depends, and increasing spontaneous vomiting would change the entire focus and nature of travel. Dessert heat and a daily car travel would be hell for her.


Instead Patti is safe and secure and we’re off on a father daughter road trip. I KNOW I won’t get many more chances at that. <grin>


However, a part of me is paranoid and keeps waiting for MS to somehow blast our plans out of the water. 18 years of history is tough to ignore, but I'm trying.

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