Tuesday, August 24, 2004


We dropped by to visit and redecorate this evening. Armed with a step ladder, power screw driver, and screws I am dangerous. <grin>


Problem with decorating any space for Patti is that you must think mega size for her to be able to see it. Contrast is also important. Light colors against a dark background, for whatever reason, improves her ability to see anything.


So many little things have just gone undone since Patti moved in simply because who goes visiting armed with a screw driver and screws. Most people bring candy, sweets, or flowers yet you never think how important a screw driver and screws can be.


We had a chance to chat about our trip and have some fun trying out different arrangements. It’s always kind of fun to change ‘the look’ of your environment.


Patti ‘remembered’ Megan had been away and wanted to hear about her trip. She wasn’t sure if I had been away or not. She thought I was just kidding her. <grin>


Last summer Megan was away on a summer school trip and I think her long term memory is stronger. Her short term memory is always a mess from MS. I think the two summers were just all mumble jumbled in her head.  Or perhaps because I have been posting through the journal and visitors sharing the travels I may have seemed closer. Whatever it’s all part of “living with MS”. You just have to work ‘outside the box’ sometimes to communicate.


It was fun and ALWAYS interesting. <grin> One thing about the MS damage to Patti’s cognitive process is that you have absolutely no idea of knowing where the conversation is going to go. 

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