Saturday, August 21, 2004

On the Road Day 5: Los Angeles

[Note: While traveling my daughter and I will experiment with using this journal to communicate TO Patti through her visitors. MS symptoms impair Patti’s ability to use a personal computer. It’s all part of the adaptations involved in ‘living with MS’ ]


Day 5 with no hotel change nor travel was just a day to play for ‘kids of all ages.’ We spent the day at Universal Studios, riding rides, watching shows, and touring studios. It was nice to leave reality at the gate and disappear into the make believe we’ve come to expect from Hollywood.

Not a big picture taking day as roller coasters, water rides, and such are not exactly digital camera friendly.

I personally found it most fascinating that on the opposite side of the facade of Whoville from "The Grinch" is the Bates Motel set from ‘Psycho’ . Some set designer had a warped but creative sense of humor.

We finished the night at Universal City Walk with dinner at the Hard Rock Café. While an 80's tribute band played a live outdoor concert we dined at an outside table on a perfect Southern California night.

Patti if you remember the last time we were in LA pre-MS it was nearly the same agenda except we had the small earthquake to make the trip ‘special’.

Tomorrow we are off to San Diego.

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