Monday, August 02, 2004

New Studies on MS, Stress and Depression

On the last pages of recent NMSS MSCONNECTION was a compilation “New Studies on MS, Stress and Depression”.


In particular a recent Danish study caught my eye. “… The investigators found that people who experienced the loss of a child had an increased risk of developing MS compared to individuals who, over a similar period of time, did not lose a child…”  “This would seem to link a significant stressful life event with development of MS. …”


Patti suffered two miscarriages around her original diagnosis of MS. Food for thought to say the least … in retrospect.


Equally interesting was that of the three NEW studies mentioned two came from countries with ‘socialized’ medicine. Isn’t one of the arguments against changing our system of profiteering in medicine that we would loose the motive for research and development?


I know, I know I’m getting off on a tangent and it’s not a perfect world.

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