Wednesday, August 04, 2004

,,, a couple days in the life

Sunday 8/1/2004 from Patti’s Mom
We had a nice visit with Patti; we played our usual trivial pursuit game. We came home at 6:00 PM and Sharon L. stopped in to tell us she is going up to visit Patti tomorrow (Monday) about 4:00 PM and taking Patti a fast-food dinner.

Sunday PM
Megan and I arrived shortly after 6 and found Patti all alone in the dinning room. ???? When I went to sign her out the Evergreen staff thought Patti’s parents had taken her out earlier. They thought she was signed out. -- Patti wasn't much help as she thought maybe that she had missed dinner???

We took a roll through the park anyway to Dairy Queen and back. Then a little TV watching in Patti's room.

As the staff was so spacey tonight I wanted to hang around a bit to make sure they gave Patti the right medicine

(from Patti’s Mom)
We never left the building yesterday. Harold rolled Patti into the dining room at 5:20 PM. Will they ever realize that Patti cannot get back to her room on her own?

NO I don't believe that as a "shift" they can ever figure that out. I know individuals can however it all depends on many variables.

The dinning room (especially on weekends) is often staffed by volunteers and you know Patti. If someone asks her if she needs any help, she is more likely than not to say "No, I'm OK."

The fail safe is when they lock up the lobby. They would obviously notice Patti as they also lock up dinning room. That would have been 6:30 on Sunday.

As I've remarked before sometimes it's like a treasure hunt trying to find Patti when we stop by to visit. She's out so often compared to other residents the staff don't really notice her absence from the unit until some fail safe point such as meals, meds, etc..

Plus some days Patti seems to get bored and enjoys exploring the facility and/or getting around. Then I think she simply forgets how to get back to her unit. She can't get out of the building so I believe she is safe. She never seems alarmed when we find her on some adventure

8/2/2004, Monday
I stopped by this afternoon to drop off 4 more packs of Depends, some wipes, room air fresheners, and some tins of cookies for Patti & guests. I stayed around until Sharon arrived. (Just in case Patti wandered off and the desk told Sharon that Patti was out or something.)

Patti told me she had been bowling earlier in the day. I checked the activity calendar on the way out and indeed they had been bowling. They had a movie scheduled for tonight so she'll have something to do after Sharon leaves.

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