Monday, August 23, 2004

On the Road Day 7: Mexico

[Note: While traveling my daughter and I will experiment with using this journal to communicate TO Patti through her visitors. MS symptoms impair Patti’s ability to use a personal computer. It’s all part of the adaptations involved in ‘living with MS’ ]

Mexico was a fascinating experience. Neither Megan nor I are much for the bazar style of negotiable pricing. However it was certainly fun and what we did buy was unbelievably inexpensive.

We drove to a Border Parking Lot on the US side and took a Mexicoach Shuttle into Tijuana and walked back across into the US later in the day.

The shuttle bus ride was actually rather eye opening in that the route looped through the non-tourist areas of Tijuana. It is truly "Third World" in contrast to San Diego. Megan and I were stunned to see warning signs along the highway leading away from the border. Back home you see yellow signs with pictures of deer, warning of deer crossing the highway. California actually has yellow signs with pictures of a family fleeing across the highway, warning of illegal immigrants running across the highway. It was the most bizzare series of signs I’ve ever seen.

The remainder of the day through evening we spent at the San Diego Zoo. We are major zoo fans. Megan was practically raised at the National Zoo in Washington DC so it takes a lot to impress us. The San Diego Zoo is IMPRESSIVE. Other zoos may have them beat for animal head counts and variety of species but no one can rival the landscaping, layout, and ambiance.

Then it was time to head north west into the desert toward Las Vegas. However not without one last California traffic jam. (Even at 10 PM on a Sunday night trying to leave San Diego!) You could not PAY me to live in that state. People LIVE in traffic. No where on the East Coast can traffic even come close to California.

Tomorrow we fly home East, ending up back in our own beds somewhere around midnight. Eastern time, I think?

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  1. Charley and I lived in Sand Diego for 6 months...loved it.  HATED the traffic.

    I am so glad you both had a good time.  :P


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