Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Devil’s Playground

“This is the Devil’s Playground!” loudly and abruptly exclaimed one resident.


What could I possibly have been doing that was so exciting you ask?


I found myself playing cards tonight with Patti and some of her fellow residents. Having just been in Las Vegas where any card game I observed resembled a pool of sharks this was comparatively the ‘Twilight Zone’!


The resident referenced above had to be 85+ years and seemed near asleep as she played except for her clockwork sudden shrieks on the morality of card playing. (She repeated this NEWS what seemed to be exactly every 5 minutes) <grin>. This served to not only wake her up but every one else who might be nodding.


I was surprised to find half the ‘players’ to be of Patti’s age suffering from a variety of neurological disorders and the other half to be ‘elders’. Not ONE player was competent to play their own cards and the two volunteers had their hands full.


In the Old West gun fire would have been flying as cheating (though I am sure inadvertent) took on new dimensions.


Patti won 2 out of 3 while I was there and had won the game before I arrived. Maybe I SHOULD have taken her to Las Vegas


Mainly I had just stopped by to check on my redecorating from the night before, as I am not a handyman. I wanted to make sure nothing had fallen off the walls.


Some times you just try to do a good deed and you still end up in the “devil’s playground”! <grin>

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