Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On the Road Day #3: Joshua Tree National Park

[Note: While traveling my daughter and I will experiment with using this journal to communicate TO Patti through her visitors. MS symptoms impair Patti’s ability to use a personal computer. It’s all part of the adaptations involved in ‘living with MS’ ]


"London Bridge is falling down ..." Who would have dreamed that childhood rhyme could end up piece by piece reassembled in the Arizona desert? The ironic twist is that when I was just a bit younger than Megan I visited the exact same London Bridge with my parents when it was still in London!!

Still avoiding major highways we headed West into the Mojave Desert for California and the Joshua Tree National Park. After 100+ temps, rock climbing, gecko chasing, and Joshua Tree picture posing we ended up in TwentyNine Palms, CA.

29 Palms Inn is a desert getaway with isolated adobe bungalows on the fringe of Joshua Tree National Park. It is a lodging oasis from conventional motel/hotel fare. Walking back from the inn restaurant the darkness is darker than you can imagine. The only sound is the noise of your shoes crunching in dirt. Suddenly the warped howling of a pack of coyotes closer than want but invisible in the darkness shatters the solitude. Somehow it all leaves you feeling a sense of the timelessness of this piece of earth. .

There is more than just beauty in the desert. it borders on the mystical. In the morning we say good bye to this ‘Walden Pond’ of the West and head to Hollywood, CA!!

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