Friday, August 20, 2004

On the Road Day 4: Los Angeles

[Note: While traveling my daughter and I will experiment with using this journal to communicate TO Patti through her visitors. MS symptoms impair Patti’s ability to use a personal computer. It’s all part of the adaptations involved in ‘living with MS’ ]

Morning 4 we have time to enjoy the grounds of the 29 Palms Inn and the Oasis of Mara which it surrounds.

We have an appointment at the Integratron in route to LA for a sonic bath rejuvenation. (I found the place while net surfing in preparation for this trip.) Strange as it may seem, and unusual as it WAS, it produced both extraordinary relaxing and energizing results. I DO NOT relax however I LOVED the time there and genuinely relaxed for the first time in I don't know how many years.. Great people and well worth the detour if in the area.

Entering the smog cloud masking the LA area is MOST noticeable if you have just spent 3 days in the near pristine desert air. It’s almost sensory overload between smog, noise, traffic <grin>. Ah! The price of civilization!

We’re staying in Hollywood Hills so we checked in and walked around Hollywood Blvd looking for stars on the walk of fame, then continued the tacky tourist experience by taking a  "celebrity homes" tour van.

The tour was somewhere between being held hostage by a bad comic posing as a driver, to a pseudo stalker posing as a driver. <grin> If it had lasted one more minute I would have had to "kick out back window in emergency" to escape..

We cruised Sunset Strip in our convertible a couple times before settling in for a late dinner at a sidewalk table at Mel’s Diner.

When traveling with me any day can go from rejuvenation in sonic chambers in the desert to cruisn' Sunset Strip. Why hold back?


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