Thursday, July 22, 2004

$64,000 question

Would $64,000 in out of pocket medical expenses in 12 months dent your family estate? That’s non reimbursable cash gone. That’s what we have spent in the last 12 months

Each family is certainly different and may have $64,000 a year in disposable income to spend. We are not and certainly were not such a family

Yes we are blessed with wonderful health insurance and prescription plans, even also Medicare, however when it comes to homecare and institutional care medical insurance doesn’t touch it

IF you have LTC (long term care) insurance it may cover some of that. However I suggest you check it and see just how much it would pay in a year. You might be surprised. Sadly though when dealing with a disease like MS, you are not going to get such a policy once diagnosed

Families save for a variety of dreams such as retirement, vacations, college educations, etc. However, “living with MS” so relentlessly destroys dreams just as it relentlessly destroys the myelin sheath in the body.

MEDICAID sits at the end as kind of beacon of hope for the future care of the person with MS. Dreams and families just become the collateral damage of home caregiving.
          “You can’t always get what you want
                    But if you try sometimes
                        You just might find
                    You get what you need”
                                        Rolling Stones, 1977

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