Friday, July 09, 2004


Mental confusion can even confuse Patti at times. Today we found her in bed rather down and out because she was “sick”. When asked why she thought so, she explained she had earlier vomited up lunch all over herself.


After explaining to her that she often vomits for no reason except MS ataxia we offered her the option of remaining in bed or going to a movie. She lit up and recovered immediately. <grin>


We spent a pleasant family afternoon at the movies, “ANCHORMAN”. Thankfully, no accidents to report in spite of popcorn and soda with the movie.


We got Patti back in time for short visit and then left her at facility dinning room for dinner before heading back home ourselves


Outings are simply a matter of luck of the draw as far as ‘accidents’ go. And of course that starts to affect whether you try or not. Do you feel lucky?


It’s somehow particularly sad when Patti’s mental confusion leads her to even confuse herself to feeling as down and out as we found her earlier in the afternoon.

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