Thursday, July 22, 2004

“I guess me being here ...

Stopped by for Patti’s signature on what is hopefully last batch of Medicaid follow up forms last night. Though I do not NEED her signature, I go through the motions anyway. 'Legally blind' and mentally confused her signature can range from a creative "X" to an entire line of illegible names. I believe that if the roles were reversed that I would appreciate the extra effort to be involved.


Patti was more lucid than usual and actually had questions. Of course her questions about these specific forms only demonstrated how little she really remembered or grasped of the details of the whole process which has now been going on for over a year or the actual application itself submitted on May 19th


Patti surprised me with a remark that “I guess me being here is helpful for Megan”.  While she wasn’t sure if Megan was in high school or college, she continued that Megan didn’t have to worry about her


When we first began discussing a care facility that was one of the reasons we considered. Obviously a teenager coming home daily to find her Mom fallen on the floor, or the house reeking of a bowel accident has to take a toll. Caregiving is suffocating for adults; it has to be that and more for a child. The future would only get progressively worse for both Patti and caregivers.


Megan has never known Patti in any role except someone she has to take care of. The traditional mother/daughter relationship has been upside down and sideways. MS has always been associated with her mother.


It has been a most peculiar relationship. It was good, I believe, to see that in spite of confusion over details of age and such that Patti could conjure up thoughts about the essence of that relationship.  


Patti was extremely fatigued and wanting to 'go to bed' at only 7:30 PM.

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