Monday, July 26, 2004

Family time

Family time is still something we try to carve into the care facility era. Of course you always run the risk of seeing any need from YOUR perspective rather than Patti’s. MS and MS related symptoms can be even more difficult to predict at any given time when the family member with MS is not immediately with you.


Saturday evening Patti’s parents brought Patti over for a visit with our cats. “Missing the cats” is an oft remarked regret of Patti’s.


Overall it was as pleasant a family evening as MS is going to allow. Patti remained alert and accident free.


Her vision seemed to be weakening as furniture such as an 8’ grandfather clock took several moments of staring and blinking to recognize.


Sunday my daughter and I stopped by to pick Patti up for an afternoon out and movie. However to both our surprise and staff, she wanted to take a nap. ??


Fatigue is a major MS symptom and problem. With Patti it can sometimes knock out a day or be minimal. When at home, her immediate symptoms were obvious and family plans simply were never proposed nor developed, as Patti could not be left alone.


It was peculiar to say the least to continue with our plans especially as they had been built around including Patti. This is an aspect of the care facility era that is still so new. For 18 years, MS has controlled any social or family agenda. That Patti’s safety and attended care can be compatible with the rest of the family doing something is still a strange new world.

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