Friday, July 23, 2004

just a question of when

Our ‘$64,000 question’ is unquestionably painful yet could easily have become so much worse. Of course no matter how many times I say this to myself it does not feel any better and the damage to our family is real.


Living in denial that we could continue home care ourselves or depend on family or friends for help would have been easy. That’s why we even uprooted ourselves almost two years ago


At least we CHOSE to begin the process seeing this coming. Patti was still able to grasp the bigger picture over a year ago


Homecare was collapsing with Patti’s progression. Patti was increasingly at risk and family dynamics were spiraling apart


“Living with MS” DEMANDS a different management of financial planning. A long term care facility provides Patti a safe and secure future regardless of the twists and turns of progression. At over $60,000 a year (forecasted at upwards to $200,000 a year in 10 years) MEDICAID was our only real option. Applying for medical assistance devastates family finances and savings yet enables you to rebuild without skyrocketing medical care for 24/7 caregiving.


“Living with MS” is not a choice; it’s just a question of when you do something.

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