Wednesday, July 07, 2004


(from Patti's Mom)
Hi, We just came home from a visit with Patti....we had Lorraine along too. We drove up to Shippensburg to have dinner at "King's Restaurant" ?
Patti ordered a pina colada before her dinner of lasagna, garlic toast and salad. 5 minutes after she finished her dinner, it came back up, thankfully her empty casserole was sitting on the table and I shoved it in front of her very quickly or it would have been all over the tablecloth and Patti. The waitress was wonderful, she kept saying "no big deal"...
Patti seemed o.k. within a few minutes, but she was very, very tired and could not wait to get back to FP and her bed.
It is getting more and more difficult to take her out because of vomiting and/or bowel movements. I think we will continue to stick to her facility and just have a quiet game of Trivial Pursuit from now on.

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