Saturday, July 03, 2004

Visitors always welcome!

(from Patti’s Mom)

      Janis and Joan, drove me up to visit Patti tonight (Friday). We had a very nice visit and played a game of "Trivial Pursuit"....Patti was getting very tired by 8:30 so we came home. Patti, once again, surprised us with some of the answers she gave on some of the questions.

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  1. Dear Patti,
      although I have not seen you for a while, you are always in my heart and prayers.  In a sense you are a part of my own, for you have grown up in both of our families and I long to see the strength return and I know the smile is always there.  I am hoping that I will soon be well enough to travel that short distance to visit with you; I know it is a lovely place because we visited one of my favorite aunts there numerous years ago.
      Patti, just keep the faith and pray that you will one day return to your old self.  I understand from your parents and from Patrick's listing that you are content and I think that is wonderful.  Please know that we will always love you as we have in the past and continue to pray for you in the future.  WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!  Thank you Patrick for sharing your column; we read it every day.
      Love to all,
      Jean and JOhn


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