Monday, July 26, 2004

Up and down kind of day for visiting

Up and down kind of day for visiting with Patti today


From Patti’s Mom:

…We were over to visit Patti about 3:00 to 5:30PM....she was in good spirits; we had our usual game of trivia in the large meeting room…


Only two hours later, my daughter and I stopped by around 7:30 PM with dessert from Dairy Queen. Patti was in their common room supposedly attending a performance by some country/western style singers. We both had to smile when we found her in a room full of people nearly twice her age; Patti was the only one sound asleep in her wheelchair right in the center of the room. 


Trying to quietly ‘sneak’ Patti out was shattered when she awoke with a startled yelp. Plus staff had packed wheelchairs in tight like a drive in movie. It was like a living puzzle getting her wheelchair out of the middle.  


Ice cream seemed to revive her for duration of our visit. We got to see her latest bingo prizes. The place has turned her into a bingo junkie. We all talked, joked, laughed and did our best to recreate time we might have spent together at home. It’s still fun and I think important to maintain some family time.

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