Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Simple Time

Who knows why but we seem to have a tendency to go somewhere or plan something when visiting Patti. We got to talking about this and decided to try just dropping in and hang out for a bit. Maybe just watch TV, as frankly that would have been how we would have shared peaceful time together ‘as a family’ at home.  

Any other time would have been caregiving time cleaning up after Patti or feeding, dressing, showering her or some other potentially stressful function.

We arrived around 7:30 pm and found Patti already in bed; however claiming she couldn’t sleep anyway.

Leaving Patti in bed we just elevated her head rest and spent around 45 minutes simply chatting and watching some TV together. Maybe a future view of what lies ahead as her MS progresses? She does seem to tire so easily anymore and her increasing spasticity complicates transfers

I did practice and learn how to do a “wheelie” in Patti’s wheel chair. That was kind of cool. Her newer sports model is so responsive if the occupant has upper body strength.

It was as good as any time we would have spent together at home. Except with one big difference Patti was in an attended and safe environment both before we were there and after we left.

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