Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Patti met with her neurologist yesterday. Basically it was all about a plan to increase and monitor spasticity medication, Zanoflex.


Onset of spasticity was the most significant change since last appointment 6 months ago.


Increasing vomiting was discussed and believed related to possibly spasticity, problems with swallowing, and/or bouts of coughing. There was evidence and history linking incidents to each.


At care facility Patti’s increasing mental confusion has necessitated attaching an alarm to her while in bed. Patti is unable to grasp how to use the call button for help.


Between appointments like this, previous post about Medicaid, and something as simple as Patti's inability to grasp how a call button works it demostrates how dependent the family member with MS becomes on everyone around them for just about everything.

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