Tuesday, July 27, 2004

you have to try

Finding Patti napping at 2 PM today, Tuesday, we got her up for an afternoon outing and movie matinee.


In spite of inhaling a bag of popcorn, she seemed alert enough to follow “Catwoman” enough to decide she didn’t like it. Even though it was her expressed pick of movie choices. <grin>


As an accident free outing it was a treat. Patti was unusually conversational and alert for someone who ‘wanted to nap’ claiming she was tired when we arrived.


Sometimes I just don’t know when she IS really tired and when she gets obsessed with thinking she is tired.  I know it is hard for her to know the difference much less for anyone else.


So much of living with MS in a family is like fitting square pegs into round holes. Yet you have to try.


  1. Is Patti intellectually alert still??   I fear that dark hole more than anything else....

  2. I would say she IS intellectually alert.

    Her problems come in reasoning, mental confusion, and processing information. Short term memory is most challenging for her. She has difficulty assigning appropriate emotional responses such as crying when one should laugh and vice versa.  

    Overall she is unable to direct her own care or consistently understand what is going on around her. Unattended homecare increasingly found her in at risk situations. Even attended care was problematic at times unless she was monitored. Basically for these reasons of safety she was admitted to a long term care facility.

    However like most MS symptoms some days are better or worse than others are.  


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