Friday, July 30, 2004

(from Patti's Mom) ...

Hi, I just returned from a very nice visit with Aunt Marie, "Shamrock" and Patti.  We sat outside the main entrance, there was a nice breeze blowing and the dog had Patti howling. She (the dog) kept catching ants running around the cement and eating them...Patti loved hearing about what the dog was doing. We stayed until lunchtime and I think Patti enjoyed visiting with "Shamrock", we plan to go up with the dog every other week.

Visits like the above from her Mom and Aunt and dog don’t have to be dramatic or life changing. When the gift of laughter can make its way through the frayed myelin sheath of MS it’s just as much fun as with anyone else. Laughter is good medicine.

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  1. When I am laughing I forget that I am sick and the world feels right again.  I bet it is like that for her too.  What a treasure you are.


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