Monday, July 19, 2004

Medicaid ... the saga continues

Almost two months after we submitted application for Medicaid (and 7" of supporting documentation) we finally heard from county assistance office requesting a few more form requiring signatures and additional documentation.


Ever growing pile of medical bills (now in the 10's of thousands) is frankly nerve wracking. Through the 18 years of living with MS we have always managed to avoid debt outside of mortgage. This process has been such a radical departure for us in family finances.


That dramatic change plus all the emotions of admittance to a care facility has made too much of the last few months seem like sleep walking through numbness and confusion.


The devastating impact of all of this upon each family member and their future has come roaring back. Frankly it is suffocating.

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  1. Yes, you are so right... almost to the point of intolerable.. I'm sure as I read on, I will find out about this chapter in your life, but at this point, it is a memory I do not enjoy having...


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