Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"catlitter" cake

Where is a camera when you need one <grin>??


This email from Patti’s Mom about a visit with Patti today will just have to do. Visitors include Patti’s best friend Sharon and her "leftover" birthday cake from work.


“… It was made to look like a cat litter box, filled with cat litter...hilarious, bent tootsie rolls hanging off the side of the litter box. Patti truly enjoyed eating this very delicious "catlitter" cake...it was a very moist spice cake dough. Sharon then painted Patti's nails...when we departed to come home Patti was enjoying watching a soap opera on TV. …”


Mega-applause for warped but creative cake baking!


  1. I made that cake for a co-worker and it was a big hit.  It really is fun and actually tastes pretty darn good.  :-)


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