Tuesday, January 25, 2005

doesn’t ‘gallows humor’ make the dark less scary?

Caregiving is no more or less frivolous, than an operation but neither is it a gathering of grim reapers. It IS part of life. Maybe what we need is a game not unlike 'operation'.

Forget to file form on time –
                                    LOOSE your turn.
Your family visits nursing home –
                                   GO AHEAD 5 spaces
Can’t remember if you gave RX ...............GO BACK 3 spaces
No insurance...............ACCESS Denied TAKE Poor House Rd
Didn’t set brakes, (Mom) rolls away...............START OVER

Maybe we need some type of good ol' fashioned family activity that plants the seed of the question “Who will take care of me?” “Can I take care of ____?”  People need to find a way to think and talk about it. ... and doesn’t ‘gallows humor’ make the dark less scary?

EVERY ONE will one day know or love someone who can no longer take care of themselves. That is a universal truth in the 21st Century. Yet how many ever give it a second thought until they have to?

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