Monday, January 17, 2005

a no problem day

While the rest of the country continues to get real snow, we at least finally got enough to help my patio alligator stalk a dove. <grin>.


It was also a perfect amount for a snow driving lesson for a certain 16 year old.


… and it fell later yesterday AFTER we had taken Patti for a Sunday family outing to the movies and donuts. Seems simple but “Dunkin’ Donuts” are a delicacy where healthy institutional food is served. “Racing Stripes” fit the silly and simple comedy model that works perfectly for Patti’s attention span and memory.


Transferring in and out of a wheelchair to a vehicle in snow can be exponentially more difficult and a safety issue. Fortunately snow was not a factor in our activities. Additionally transferring was no problem for Patti as both her physical strength and mental focus were at peak levels.


The inconsistency of MS is so baffling. Just when Patti’s strength and mental confusion had been so poor that challenges in transferring were beginning to affect people even trying to take her anywhere, she suddenly has a “no problem” day.

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