Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is it balanced or outweighed by intangibles? --- It depends <grin>.

Paperwork, at times, seems to dwarf any other aspect of caregiving, a modern David vs Goliath relationship to get anything accomplished. Bureaucrats outnumber you, work by the hour, and RARELY associate a person to a piece of paper.


… and trees were murdered for this madness? Say it ain’t so! <grin>


I was web surfin’ and found this site for a “Fearless Caregiving Conference”.  … there is obviously money to be made off caregiving. I HOPE for those buying there are answers. Of course, in our consumer driven society this may just be the better way to communicate.


Our national health care crises ONLY gets attention during Presidential debates, then goes on the back burner. Self preservation makes every one thankful they are OK (for the moment) and then go 'stick their head inthe sand'. ... It wouldn't hurt if we all start paying attention to warning signs:

               Tennessee Drops 323,000 Adults From Medicaid

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 10) - Gov. Phil Bredesen announced Monday that he will drop 323,000 adults from the state's expanded Medicaid program to save about $1.7 billion a year, but will preserve health coverage for children. ...


 "Denial" was mentioned in a comment to a previous entry on memory.  Yes, denial of symptoms and progression through acceptance is a stage for ALL involved. ... It is a complicated time


Retrospection has shown me that denial of the consequences of caregiving on my own future became overwhelmed in a duet with caregiving. Home caregiving decisions are career and life changing. MS traditionally strikes in mid life. The American prime income earning years are sacrificed at best for zero income, more likely negative spending. There is an economic price for caregiving and more …  Is it balanced or outweighed by intangibles? --- It depends <grin>.

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