Monday, January 10, 2005

memory should not be underestimated

Memory is spooky to watch malfunction. When memory is not dependable it can quickly become a risk when you must leave some one alone. Memory becomes a safety concern in home care and a question in the transition to 24/7 attended care.


MS Memory in Patti’s case seems to defy a formula. When I believe I see a pattern, it can blur into inconsistency. One day a memory is there and vivid for her the next it’s confused. Short term specifically is atrocious. …  But any given day is uniquely unpredictable.


Personally as a caregiver I found Patti’s inconsistent and unpredictable lapses more risky than a steady decline. You ‘want’ to believe the best. You ‘want’ to trust. Others ‘will’ believe and trust  … and just when you do let your guard down memory malfunctions …


An incident or lapse can seem so minor, and maybe it is, but memory should not be underestimated.

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