Saturday, January 22, 2005

‘one horse sleigh’ of the neighborhood!

NOTHING can rival the embrace of a snow storm. With swirling snow falling around you whipped by wind chills of zero degrees Mother Nature hugs you as only a parent can hug a child. It is magical!

In such good spirits we headed out to visit Patti this morning. Unbelievably as picture of parking lot shows we were alone and Patti had the ONLY visitors of the day. She was in good spirits and enjoying watching the falling snow out her window. In her youth a skier, now Patti is happy watching snow.

It wasn’t that many years ago that in her scooter days she used to pull neighborhood kids around in their sleds behind her Rascal all terrain scooter until the snow became too deep. She was the ‘one horse sleigh’ of the neighborhood! <grin> MS was not going to stop her in those days.
People spend thousands to travel and play in snow for a vacation but when a forecasted foot of snow falls in their neighborhood it becomes an ‘excuse’. Go figure!


  1. Thanks for going up for a visit with Patti...we are not quite sooo brave to venture out. I explained this to Patti when we were up on Thursday and she shared our reasons for not driving. Hopefully we can get up on Monday.

  2. Enjoy your snow!!!!

    Ours is gone it is my turn to be jealous.  :)

  3. Snow is something that is truly singular in its beauty.  Glad Patti enjoyed the swirling snowflakes from her window.  It is the magic of the moment!cf


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