Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Day 2005

Trying to keep Patti ‘in touch’ is still important, I believe. Her care facility is of course critical. It represents safety, 24/7 attended care, regular and ongoing therapy, and three shifts of custodial care. Home care as a one person show cannot match that.


Yet home care is about ‘home’ and family and more. 2005 began with an outing to Patti’s parents’ home for traditional good luck pork dinner. A day with hopefully the best of both worlds for Patti.


  1. Thanks Patrick, the pictures are great...we would love to have a copy of our house of red bows when you have the time.  We went up for a visit with Patti todayand played another game of Trivial Pursuit. We will be going up again on Tuesday afternoon and then we will be in AC Wednesday and Thursday so we will go up on Friday afternoon. Thanks so much for bringing her here for good ol' sauerkraut and pork. I hope you and Megan had a great time in Baltimore visiting graves.(grin).

  2. The pictures are wonderful but the beach shirt is the best!  It's been almost spring-like here and I was outside working in a t-shirt.  Felt good!


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