Monday, January 24, 2005

caregiver can expedite most medical communication

Oversight is essential for a caregiver.


Reading Patti’s neurologist’s outpatient note to her physician I can’t help but shake my head at one particular line prefacing a proposed treatment for incontinence. “…I do not have a full list of the medications she as been on, but I assume it has been Ditropan and Detrol…”


The REAL Story and history ... is that IMIPRAMINE, DETROL and FLOMAX were all tried unsuccessfully over the years.


CATHETERIZATION was even experimented with before near catastrophe ended that trial.


DITROPAN was only tested for a couple weeks as a sample pack from our GP. All our attention was involved in admittance to a care facility. With admittance, Patti’s physician changed and DITROPAN was lost in the shuffle.


Her neurologist’s assumption, as you can see, could have wasted time, and maybe even sent the care plan down an unecessary detour. ... Of course, I will 'fill in the blanks'! A caregiver can expedite most medical communication. You just have to stick your nose in to it.

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