Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Eve

Visiting at a care facility can have dual agendas. When possible I try to visit at times I’ve learned can be problematic for Patti.


Immediately following dinner is such a time. Patti's Dysphagia can trigger emesis. Or additionally Patti could be feeling nauseous for unrelated reasons, but is unable to properly associate that she should not eat or eat lightly (or forget to even tell staff that she is feeling ill).


In her room alone, she cannot think through how to use the call button. And obviously when wheel chair confined rushing to a commode or even a trash can is not an option. …


Last night's New Year’s Eve visit served just such a dual purpose <grin> I wanted to stop by and wish Patti “Happy New Year’s” early because Patti has not made it to Midnight in years.


Patti and her stomach were not in harmony. Even though staff had done the janitorial work Patti was frustrated, confused, etc.  … I changed her into a lighter shirt (I personally believe half the world’s health problems are related to being tooooo warm.) and got her some peppermint hard candy to suck on. Then spent some time talking her into a calmer state. Shortly she was as good as she was going to get… and complaining about wanting MORE peppermint candy to suck on. <GRIN>...A true party animal!

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