Friday, January 07, 2005


Caregiving has many perspectives. Starting to fill in the data for tax software and some Medicaid update forms frames the past year in yet a different point of view. ALL the financial factors ram their way to the front. It is an overdose of reflection and a gloomy and frustrating examination.


Patti’s cognitive abilities are too damaged to process or comprehend. As the caregiver the economics of care is a solitary task. … Looking outside, the dense ground fog seemed as if conjured by my mood.


I decided to pop over and visit with Patti. It is easy to loose balance, to forget there is a person behind the disease.


Interestingly I think you do have to forget there is a person behind the caregiver. Until caregiving is over that person IS the caregiver. However the person with the disease IS NOT the disease.


Those last two sentences do sound like you might find them in a healthcare fortune cookie; but there is truth there.


Anyway after sharing my experiences and thoughts with Patti, she asked, “Did you say it was REAL foggy out?” “On nights like that I always liked to pretend I was in London.” … Then of course, there is Patti’s perception. <grin> 

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