Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Wednesday Patti and I attended “the largest indoor agricultural event in America”, the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

The Food Court alone is worth the trip. As an aficionado of milkshakes, the Pennsylvania Dairyman’s Association's 'milkshakes' border the surreal.

It was a mega version American Gothic kind of day. The comic talent of the farm animal is underestimated <grin>. We had an enchanting time (and MS accident free) !


  1. Thanks again Patrick, for giving Patti a good day of fun and hopefully she will retain a few memories of those great animals she visited. I will ask her a few questions this evening when we stop in for a visit with her.

  2. I also watched some of the spinning wheel competition on TV, after the teams finished making "shawls" they were auctioned off. One of the shawls went for (if I heard correctly) over $2000.00 bucks.


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