Monday, January 10, 2005

involvement with others.

We did get Patti out for a family outing Sunday with a movie, family time, and dinner.


“Phantom Of The Opera” even though on a 30 ft tall screen couldn’t hold Patti’s attention. She had wanted to see the movie and we had seen it ‘live’ years ago, a memory she had recalled with conflicting results over two days. … You notice her increasingly spending more time looking around, mostly down at the floor for some reason, instead of ahead at the screen. … Though she claimed she enjoyed the movie.


Visiting with her folks and dinner rounded out the day. That social environment seemed more comfortable for her as nothing required attention span over a period of time.


Transferring in and out a vehicles continues to become more difficult. This in turn restricts who will even try to take her on outings. I can’t say it is solely a function of strength. Mental confusion is as much a factor if not more. Staff at care facility increasingly uses a Hoyer Lift Sling to transfer Patti because they are having problems transferring her from chair to bed.


Patti’s ability to assist in transferring so far has fluctuated which is not unusual with MS strength and fatigue. However it is a CRITICAL stage, as it is vital to levels of involvement with others.

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  1. Memory is such a hard thing.  Unfortunately it's even harder when the person experiencing the problem is in denial.  I worked from home yesterday and I really did not want to be there.  I wanted to get back to the office.  I guess it's like out of sight out of mind.  

    Maybe I'm in denial.  


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