Thursday, January 27, 2005

get all the pieces get on the board at the same time

Mother/daughter traditions or bonds one might take for granted such as clothes shopping has been denied Patti and Megan since … well, forever. Necessity shifted this as many other traditions onto a father/daughter track, or able bodied parent role. Last night we were able to include Patti in dress shopping with our daughter for an upcoming dance.


No matter how accessible you try to make a clothing department, racks of dresses and clothing are a ‘forest’ when you are in a wheelchair. Visibility is next to zero.


On the other hand 100% visable from wheelchair height was an old fashioned candy counter where you could buy chocolate or candy by the pound or by the piece. <grin> With a live and accommodating sales clerk behind the counter, Patti was in heaven.


While I had hoped to create some fun mother-daughter time together, they both did have fun just in nearby departments. <grin> You can’t create ‘memories’ or ‘moments’. As a family caregiver I've learned, at best, I can try to get all the pieces get on the board at the same time.

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  1. I am for the chocolate counter also, Patti still knows what is important! lol


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