Saturday, September 11, 2004


Just about this time of day, the world changed forever. I’m sure it is etched in all our memories.


I had just dropped my daughter at middle school and was standing in line at the post office when reports that a plane hit the World Trade Center rumored through the line.


Shortly I was back home on caregiver duty. News of the second plane crash lured my attention to Patti's TV watching.  


The surreal nature of what was going on maybe gave me a rare sense of the mental confusion Patti lives with.


Our world was upside down yet there I was standing in it gawking through a television.


At the time living only a dozen miles from the Pentagon, the third plane crash into the Pentagon snapped us into thinking about the immediate.


The memory of all memories is the sonic boom that shortly shook our home and neighborhood as the fighters scrambled into the skies from Andrews AFB. The emotional rollercoaster of images of death and destruction on TV and then the safety, rage, and pride of seeing screaming eagles in the sky can never be forgotten.


The heroism in the skies over Pennsylvania, the streets of New York City, and Arlington, Va as a nation of people began to fight back WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

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