Monday, September 27, 2004

STRESS is “scheduled”

STRESS is powerful engine in any situation. MS related damage causes Patti to process information differently. Focus and mental confusion are already daily challenges. I can’t help but wonder how this retroactive insurance cancellation STRESS is affecting her.


The information went into her cognitive process. She is capable of and does care about her family. She is capable of and can comprehend financial matters. The processing is just not always dependable or competent and the attention may appear intermittent.


I wonder if yesterday some of her physical symptoms were not triggered by the STRESS of that turmoil working its way through. The possibility of nearly four years of back medical bills IS hard to put out of your head for even the briefest of moments of family activities.


As a caregiver, you prioritize and balance daily activities and responsibilities. STRESS is “scheduled”. <grin> You have no choice.


Now with Patti’s MS complicated ability who knows? What if … STRESS becomes a riptide pulling you further away from those you love?

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