Saturday, September 25, 2004

Phone Call

I brought Patti home Friday for lunch and to call her long term disability benefits office. Basically an exercise in futility, they had nothing more than a superficial question or two. Nothing I could not have told them, but they HAD to hear if from her.

I use oversized props and a handset/speaker phone. Patti's spasticity inadvertently causes her to press buttons and disconnect a call if holding a phone.

As the operator explained they fairly address each case in order after they speak with the employee or former employee. Now that benefits office have spoken with Patti they can investigate 'their retroactive cancelation of her medical insurance' and will respond within 72 working hours (they do not work on weekdends), or by Wednesday of next week.

A plea for urgency in consideration of Patti's medical situation was politely dismissed. They will get back to us next week. Thank you for calling and have a good day.

Often I forget when "living with MS" how out of sync we drift from the real world . 

Believing it best to end on a good note, I noticed buried in 'comments' to an earlier entry that Patti had visitors later on Friday: Hi Patrick and All,
     Just wanted you to know that John and I had a pleasant visit with Patti today.  She was in good spirits and recognized my voice half way down the hall.  We went outside and sat on the patio for a while, but Patti and I both minded the heat so we went back in and visited in her room.  I could not find aprons so I will be making some more tomorrow or Monday.  Is there anything else we could do for her?  I think she had a new outfit on; it was a very nice comfortable material.  I almost wanted to wear it myself.  Give her our love till we get up again.       Love to you and yours,  Jean and John
(Jean makes the 'designer aprons' Patti wears for eating and that would make Martha Stewart drool with envy <grin>)

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  1. Love the telephone story.  My husband who seldom finds anything to laugh at anymore really got a boost out of the story.  You know there has to be something of value in each day, and a smile, and a


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