Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cards & letters part 1

Picture from Hometown

Besides “live” visits from family and friends Patti does get a sizable mail bag. She, of course, cannot see to read them; however staff and volunteers are glad to help her, as are visitors. BIGGER are better <grin>. Frequently Patti will try to look at oversized cards if it is a better day for vision.


This “journal” has expanded our world in directions never anticipated. Many old friends and family (and new visitors and friends we have never met) are distant and cannot actively participate in the daily, “dimensional” life. These cards and letters ‘now available’ <grin> in cyberspace may help to bridge between the two for everyone.


While capturing and loading these cards and letters with the digital camera was easy I understand they may not ‘load’ easy for readers depending on speed and such of your PC. Arbitrarily I’ll use a baker’s dozen and periodically load them up.

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  1. Hi Patrick, we just came home from another visit with Patti...found her in a very good mood so we played a game of "Trivial Pursuit" and Patti and I WON. The nurse told me her rash is improving so that was good news.


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